Welcome to the jungle.  You want to make the leap from, “the job,” to something new.   You’re scanning the terrain seeking a path to your dreams of wealth and freedom.

If you’ve been pitched passive income, then you’ve graduated.

Passive income for new business people is a lot like teenage sex…  Everyone talks about it.  Nobody really knows how to do it.  Everybody thinks everyone else is doing it so everyone claims they are doing it.  But not that many really get it.

And jumping in without knowledge or precaution never turns out as well as you may have hoped.

You want something big.  Something yours.  Something easy.  Something now.  And as you swim hard against the current to break free, the promise of passive income is a tempting lifeline.

Because inevitably, somebody approaches you to offer and promise you: “It’s easy.  Just sign up.  I’ll show you.  Buy some inventory.  Give me your money.  Make money while you sleep.  It’s passive income!”

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Passive income is a term, not a business strategy.

Can you make money while you sleep?  Yes!

Can it be accomplished passively? No!
Because there ain’t nothing passive about it, sunshine!

The only people making money from passive income are the people writing books about it.

That is why I’m writing this for you.

The one, true, money magnet is value.  Money follows value.  It is a universal natural law.  And the promise of passive income is simply unnatural.

If you focus on creating value, then money will follow.

But passive income?!?  At best, people who use the term, “passive income,” are confusing it with leverage & scale.  At worst, people promise something that doesn’t exist.

Better terms would be leveraged income or scaling your business or revenue streams.

Yes.  You can make money while you sleep.  You can make money while spending time with your loved ones.  You can make money while you travel.  You can make money while you sit lounging on a beach sipping a piña colada.

But surprise!!  It’s not possible and it’s not sustainable if you are passive.  If you are willing to actively create it, anything is possible.

But passive income is often proposed by people who have never truly run a business or built a product of their own.   And a closer look may reveal they are being leveraged by somebody else.

The hidden truth is if someone is selling you a dream destination without clearly mapping out the journey, then it’s possible they are looking to leverage you.

Now, some opportunities presented as, “Passive Income,” may be worthwhile, interesting, good business opportunities.

Only understand there is no such thing as passive income.

Leverage and scale can magnify your income and earnings.  It can give you freedom and time for yourself.   but you must be ready to apply a tremendous amount of energy to build it.  And you must be active.

Breakthrough doesn’t come with the opportunity.  Breakthrough comes when YOU are willing to COMMIT to with massive ACTION to make it happen.

You need to lead, direct, motivate, support and deliver value.  And the moment you let up, you will see the momentum slow.  You must keep at it.

And you must be prepared to stay engaged.  Never confuse delegation with abdication.

Passive income is what’s known as a Sasquatch business value proposition:
Everyone talks about it.  YouTube blabs all about it.  Sightings have been claimed.  But somehow, nobody has actually SEEN it.  And when there is a sighting, it turns out to be someone posing in a suit…

And if you think someone is going to give you money just to take product orders or enlist and recruit people so you can sit back and watch big money roll in, then that is a grim fairy tale, indeed.

The might as well be telling you a story about a Leprechaun and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Because money follows value.  Value is created through action.  Action comes from commitment, perseverance, determinatioon and passion.

There are no short cuts to wonderland.  Leave those to the Leprechauns.

BUT I want you to know the truth.  Wonderland truly does exist.  You just need to be wiling to do whatever it takes to get there.

Be excited.  Only make sure you aren’t led down false paths that might distract you from your goal.

And then hurry!  Go out and get it the old fashioned way.  Bust your tail and earn it!!