Soft Skills To Thrive In A Hard World – BLOG Series

What is the best kept secret ingredient for professional success?  The surprising answer:  Soft skills!

The power of soft skills is astounding!  They will make or break you and your business.

But it is a hidden truth.  Because soft skills appear in so many guises.

Soft skills often look like, “professionalism.”  Anyone can put on a power suit, tidy up their hair and try to act the part.  But soft skills are so much more than.  Simply put, soft skills are the personal attributes that allow us to effectively relate to others and propel your success.

As we revealed in a previous Business Evolution BLOG article: “What They Don’t Teach You in Business School,” 60% of hiring managers view soft skills as vital to workplace performance.  But 70% of managers say it’s difficult or nearly impossible to find good soft skills in new hires.

The reason these skills are in such short supply is because most people take a lifetime by trial and error to discover and develop the soft skills needed to propel success.

Imagine opening the door for your team to quickly develop these important skills and apply them effectively in your business.  Why should you suffer by trial-and-error waiting a lifetime when you can accelerate and quickly learn these skills now?

You can develop them yourself organically.  And sure…. A positive culture can foster learning by osmosis.  But why would you wait years for something so important?

How many business owners and managers stand by hoping those important skills develop?  Is hope really the best business strategy?  And how do you build a positive culture if you don’t even have the soft skills you need in the first place?

The simple truth is that soft skills build positive culture.  And soft skills give your team enhanced work satisfaction across your organization.  And even more, soft skills deliver superior performance and results for you and your business.

You don’t have to wait.  You can easily launch you and your team forward.  It’s true.

Soft Skill Myth:  Learned vs Inborn

Because soft skills are often identified as traits of a person’s personality, it may seem like people are born with them.  And everyone has a unique lifetime of preferences, experiences and ways of moving through the world.  Some soft skills may be more difficult to learn than others.  But they can all be learned and developed.

If we think back on our own experience, there are also aspects of our hard skill set that were hard at first – even though today they seem to come quite naturally to us.

We develop soft skills the same way we do hard skills – learning & practice!

This is why Success Corporate Training has developed 8 learning programs and 24 workshops starting with Program #1 as the foundation to develop these important soft skills.

10 Essential Soft Skills You Need for Your Team

Emotional Intelligence

  • Empathy
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management


  • Ways we communicate
  • How to improve non-verbal communication
  • The Art of Listening
  • Establishing Openness and Honesty


  • Mapping capabilities
  • Getting into your role
  • Learning the whole process
  • Harnessing the power of team flow

Problem Solving

  • How to define the problem
  • Generating alternative solutions
  • Evaluating the plans for resolution
  • Implementation plan and continued re-evaluation

 Time Management

  • Developing the art of scheduling
  • Important vs. Urgent – Prioritizing
  • The Multitasking Myth

 Attitude & Work Ethic

  • What are you working for?
  • How do you balance caring for others vs caring for yourself?
  • Ways to build trust
  • Making work its own reward

 Adaptability & Flexibility

  • Survival of the fittest? Adaptability
  • Getting over the “Good Old Days,” Syndrome
  • Change for process
  • Change for people
  • Showing you are worth your weight in adaptability


  • What are the traits of confidence?
  • What Sure-Fire confidence building tactics can you use to increase your confidence?
  • How do you build each other up effectively?

 Ability to Learn

  • Do you listen with an open mind?
  • What are the best ways to analyze and learn?
  • How do you clear the air and avoid toxic grudges?


  • How do you define the need that forms a meaningful connection for relationship?
  • How do you identify others’ interests?
  • What are the best ways to reach out?
  • When do you back off and give space?

Vital soft skills give you a hard edge for your winning advantage.

Because developing soft skills turns you into a powerhouse.  Soft skills allow us to effectively relate to and engage with others.  These skills enhance our personal connections.

Soft skills like communication, teamwork, effective listening, self-confidence, attitude and adaptability   Soft skills allow us to work effectively with others.  They allow a team to break through and unlock new levels of performance for you!

Performance and results come with collaboration.  No matter what business you are in, soft skills build the foundation you need for success – both within your business and for increasing your bottom-line financial results with your clients.

And the exciting part is you can do it easily and quickly today.  Let’s get started!